Saturday, November 26, 2016


Halika mag kape tayo
Pagkatapos ng isang araw na trabaho,
pagkatapos ng lahat ng masasakit na sinabi mo;
Halika mag kape tayo para maupos na ang pait na nalalasahan ko

Naamoy mo ba ang kapeng bagong timpla?
Sing lakas ng droga, sing tapang ng tarantula;
Pumapasok sa sistema kahit alam mong ayaw mo na,
Kapeng bagong timpla nakakasulasok, nakakatrauma.

Kulang pa ba ang lahat ng asukal na inilagay
ng pusong puno ng pagibig at pagasa;
May nakalimutan pa ba akong isama?
Meron pa ba? O sadyang wala na.

Alam ko lahat ito ay nararamdaman mo din,
Masakit man tanggapin pero ang nalagay mo yata ay asin;
Imbis na tumamis ang tubig na nasa tasa
Umalat, pumait,di ko na malaman ang naging lasa

Isa pang masakit na malaman,
Iyong ika'y pinaikot ikot lang at nilasahan;
Hindi mo man matanggap ang nangyari sa atin,
Isa lang gusto kong ipaalala, ang nailagay mo sa kape ay asin.

Kaya anu man ang gawin mong halo
Matunaw man ang kutsara sa mainit na tubig
Hindi magbabago ang takbo at guhit
Ng mapait at maalat nating pagibig

Matapos man lahat ng nasabi at nangyari,
Matapos malasahan lahat ng pagkakamali;
Maiiwang nakabakas ang lasa sa aking labi,
ng kapeng pinilit lang timplahin
Iinom ka pa ba? O akin nang uubusin?

-DM Lauresta

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Wedding

I wake to the warmth of the sun on my face.  I slowly open my eyes, trying to remember what day it is.  A smile suddenly formed on my lips – today is the day!  I sit up, and peeking through the window, I could see trucks bearing flowers, food, chairs, tables, and other decorations.  I’m sure it’ll be a perfect day. 

My eyes travel across the room to the gown on my mannequin – it’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen, made especially for me.  I can’t wait to put it on and get ready…but it might be too early.  I’m too excited, I’m not sure whether I should eat, but I remember Mama telling me last night to eat as early as I could, because I may not get another chance all day. 

I text the other girls, asking them whether they wanted to grab breakfast.  Everyone said yes, and we all agreed to meet at the kitchen, where I’m sure food is ready.  I arrive to see a bunch of giggly, excited girls – oh we were all adults, but at that moment, we enjoy being young.  Wishes fly all over the place, smiles and jokes overflow, and yet, there are also a few misty eyes – tears of joy and excitement.  We share a few hugs, and far fewer bites of food.  I guess we all have butterflies in our stomachs.

One by one, the girls start getting ready.  I watch as the frenzy unfolds before my eyes – makeup carefully applied by experts, hair coiffed to perfection – while I sat in a chair, being made beautiful by an expert. The butterflies in my stomach seem to multiply.  My heart starts beating fast and slow at the same time – I didn’t even know that can happen. 

Soon enough, everyone is ready for the obligatory photoshoot – and while I enjoy posing and smiling, I can’t help but hope this will be over soon.  My nerves are shot, and well, excitement is an understatement. 

Shortly after, I hear the coordinators calling everyone to their places… oh my gosh!!! This is it!!! I know I look beautifully gorgeous like never before, and I feel every bit of that in my whole being.  The band starts playing, I breathe in the scent of my bouquet.  I take in every scene.  The flowers are splendid, even the breeze is a testament of how wonderful this day is. 

I walk slowly down the aisle, taking each and every step carefully, savoring the moment.  At the very end, I see you!  Finally!!!  Your smile melts my heart, your wink makes it skip a few beats.  Only you can do that to me. 

The ceremony starts, and everything is a blur.  I almost can’t take my eyes off you, but I know I have to pay attention to what’s happening.  I sneak a peek, watching you try in vain to fight off the tears.  My hands grow sweaty, my own eyes start to water, but I know I have to keep it in.  I do all I can to keep smiling, to stay in control. 

My heart is pounding so loudly, I’m afraid someone would start hearing it.  I watch your eyes as you say, “I do,” your hand shaking as you put on the ring.  My heart almost stops as I hear the words, “You may kiss the bride.”  My hands grip the bouquet as you lift the veil and lean in for the kiss. 

Shouts erupt all around us and the tears fall…I can no longer stop them.  There’s no reason to keep them in, there’s nothing more I can do. You have just kissed your bride, and I am just the maid of honor.